Is your ex simply responding to your message

I think having a bubble gives you a more controllable environment. Like I said, as long as there’s widespread disease inmany communities around the United States, other family members, or the players themselves if they do go out, are going to be at risk of picking up the disease from their community and then bringing it back intothe baseball community. So it’s really going to depend on what happens everywhere else..

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Simply keeping in touch doesn’t mean that you can simply assume that the breakup is behind you. There are other factors that need to be considered before jumping the gun and looking forward to a reconnected future. Is your ex simply responding to your message, or are they taking the initiative? If they’re actively pursuing contact after breaking up with you, it’s a positive indication that their either unwilling to let you or the breakup go or they’re starting to realize that they still have feelings for you after all..

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